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Chief Disruption Officer Explains How Little Bets Can Lead To Digital Transformation


Everyone seems to have a different definition of “digital transformation” – but the consensus is clear that digital technologies are creating huge opportunities for companies to reimagine their business models, their relationship with customers, even how they produce their goods. During the #SB50DISRUPT event just before the Super Bowl, I tuned in on Blab to hear the latest on the ... Read More »

Without A Digital Footprint, Do You Even Exist?


According to Global WebIndex, social platforms reach 70% of all Internet users, who spend an average of two hours a day engaging in social media. In a blog, former SAP CMO Jonathon Becher describes social selling as the ability to build stronger relationships with potential buyers based on an authentic sense of empathy and a deep understanding of the problems ... Read More »

8 Steps To An Effective Social Media Strategy


Developing and executing a social media strategy is hard work. It can take hours and days just to get your first plan together. But it’s important to take the time to do it properly. An effective social media strategy will drive more web traffic for you, help you build deeper customer relationships, and improve your customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately ... Read More »

What Gen Z’s Arrival In The Workforce Means For Recruiters


By Meghan M. Biro, Published on October 5, 2015 Generation Z’s arrival in the workforce means some changes are on the horizon for recruiters. This cohort, born roughly from the mid-90s to approximately 2010, will be entering the workforce in four short years, and you can bet recruiters and employers are already paying close attention to them. This past fall, ... Read More »

New Tip Sheet: 8-Step Guide to Social Media Crisis Communication


Extinguish Social Media Crises With Cision’s Tip Sheet Crises happen anywhere, any time. And online, a single, irate tweet can quickly become a raging wildfire. What can you do to extinguish the flames? Cision is here to help. With our free “8-Step Guide to Social Media Crisis Communication,” you’ll get step-by-step instruction for stopping social media crises before they spiral ... Read More »