XSellerator Program: OEMs/ Vendors

XSellerator Program


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The XSellerator Program:

If you want to increase your ICT Channel sales the XSellerator program was designed to make your life considerably easier and definitely more productive!!!


XSellerator is the easiest and most powerful way for OEMs/Vendors to get their messages out to end user businesses and the public market. ChannelLine has created one simple and smart system that “automagically” sends your messages out to the Channel Partners’ sales people and to their end user customers.


Your messages go out when you want them to go out, saying exactly what you want them to say with all the responses going back to their Channel Partner. Furthermore, we give you complete macro metrics so you can see what is working and what needs to be tweaked.


If that is not enough, XSellerator can ensure that your end user leads are followed up on in a timely and consistent way. Moreover … we provide a full feature incentive program that will encourage Channel Partners to sell your products and end users to buy your products. And of course, we provide you with our unique NO-HASSLE GUARANTEE!!!


Base Program:

Costing   Approach



Channel Partners/MSPs:

$          1,000.00

Monthly   base cost First   500 contacts

$              90.00

Additional   contacts: 1000   contacts (one time fee)

$             500.00

2500   contacts (one time fee)

$          1,000.00

5000   contacts (one time fee)

$          2,000.00

Base   cost per month: Vendors

$          1,000.00

Posted   on Relevant Channel Partners/MSPs eNewsletters Advertisement

$             750.00


$             750.00

Product   SKU

$             500.00


$             750.00

Article   Writing

$             750.00

Monthly Administration Includes: Access to the XSellerator network and reach to end user businesses through messages posted every month on Channel Partners’/MSPs eNewsletters in form of advertising, articles, products, videos, blogs, etc.


Other: Ask about our Incentive Programs, Certification, Customized Programs, etc.

Special Offer

Sign up by May 14th 2014 for 3 months and we will give you a $6,000 advertising credit in eChannelLine to be used by June 30th.


Primary Contact

Other Contact

(If   different)

Contact Name:



1)     Vendors/OEMs will pay $1,000 on the first day of every month for network fees.

2)     Vendors will pay on the 15th day of every month for activities that took place during the previous month.

3)     Please send credit card information for payment if you prefer to pay electronically.

4)     Should you want to cancel the XSellerator program at anytime, please send your account manager a request to stop by the 25th of the month before the month you want the program to stop. Late requests will result in the full amount of the next month being charged.

5)     If, after 3 months, a Vendor/OEM cancels their subscription to the XSellerator program the ChannelLine No Hassle Guarantee will kick in … where the Vendor/OEM receives a FREE $25,000 credit for advertising on ChannelLine which have to be used within 3 months after cancellation. Note: The Vendor/OEM will not be allowed back on the XSellerator network for one year.

6)     Applicable taxes are additional.

7)     All invoices are payable upon billing date.

8)     Interest on late payments is 3% per month.


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