Robert M. Cohen

Robert M. Cohen

About Robert M. Cohen

Robert was born an Entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 13 years old and started his second business at the tender age of 18. At the age of 24, he became the youngest full university professor teaching business. That same year Robert started ChannelLine.

Robert is a passionate and enthusiastic channel advocate and the Founder, CEO and Business Editor of ChannelLine. Under Robert’s vision of helping to make the business part of delivering technology services easy for everyone actively involved in the channel. To achieve this goal, in 1993 Robert founded the 1,000 member “ChannelLine Advisory Council” who collectively helped him to develop the Trusted Business Advisor community and the XSellerator program.

ChannelLine Primary Deliver:

  • Short term analyst forecasts
  • Online publications: Channel Advisor, eChannelLine Daily eNewsletter, Trusted Business Advisor and ConnectIT
  • Channel marketing
  • Channel events

Since 1980 Robert has worked with about 500 Vendors, 35 Distributors, 1,000s of Channel Partners and 100s of Suppliers to the IT Channel in developing and implementing strategic go-to-market programs. Robert has delivered 100s of Keynote speeches and he is the business editor for eChannelLine. Moreover, Robert is a Channel XPert, strategic thinker and most importantly a wonderful father.

In his spare time, Robert has:

  • Written 4 books (The Ad Game;  How To Profit from Direct Marketing; How To Successfully Do Business In Canada and The Pregnancy Companion.
  • Hosted several business TV and Radio series.
  • Coached hockey for 43 years, plays about 11 hours of ice hockey every week, puts on Charity events with NHL Legends and is a fabulous hockey player in his mind (unfortunately,  he is the only one that believes he is actually as good as he thinks he is).
  • Raised 3 fabulous boys (ya, they all play hockey)
  • Started working on a new book: MyChannelBook.
  • Started on his most exciting activity, in conjunction with his nine year old son, he is writing a script for an ongoing educational TV program for kids between the ages of 6 and 15.


Robert can be reached at 1-416-568-2059 or online at NHL scouts are always welcome!

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