I Heard, but I Didn’t Listen: 10 Skill-builders for better listening


  By Paul Donehue Research indicates that “listening” is the most important communication skill, and that it is also the most frequently-used communication skill. Unfortunately, it’s also the one at which most of us are the least efficient. To improve our skills, it might be wise to first recognize a few often-forgotten truths about listening. To begin, listening should not be ... Read More »

Is Your Pipeline Managing You?

Tibor Shanto

By Tibor Shanto Are you managing your pipeline, or is your pipeline managing you?  Pipeline management is integral to sales success, but many confuse having a pipeline with managing their pipeline, and if your fiscal year ends December 31, the question, and the distinction between the two is even more relevant. Another practice that confuses things is when companies set ... Read More »

4 ways a winning attitude can increase workforce productivity

Meaghan Sullivan

Vice President, Global Channel Marketing, SAP. By Meaghan Sullivan Leadership is all about inspiring others and motivating people to be their personal best. I find there is nothing more powerful than the force of a positive attitude. The best moments in life are when you are “in the zone” and feeling like you can achieve anything regardless of roadblocks and ... Read More »

Do closing techniques still work?

Bob Urichuck

  by Bob Urichuck Closing techniques are as old as the sales profession: isn’t “Always Be Closing” the A-B-C of sales? Could this practice have anything to do with the sales profession being the least respected profession of all? The world of sales has always revolved around the seller and the seller’s products or services, features, brand and so on.  ... Read More »

The Benefit of Hope


  By Paul Donehue Can you find a way to sell the benefit of hope? The practice might very well provide you with a significant advantage, especially in tougher economic times. You may be familiar with the axiom, “Features tell, but benefits sell.” If so, then you know it simply means that, when involved in selling, we should avoid the ... Read More »

How To Be Perceived As An Expert In Your Chosen Field


 By Tom EgelhoffThe title of this article may suggest that being “perceived” as an expert is somehow being untruthful, or presenting yourself as something that you aren’t. That is not the point of this article. If you try and deceive your customers in any way your business is doomed to failure. It’s only a matter of time before customers get wise ... Read More »

Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier!

Jim Palmer

 By Jim Palmer When times are tough, entrepreneurs have two choices. They can ‘hunker down’ and operate their business much more conservatively – essentially pulling in their horns and, in some cases, sticking their heads in the sand until things return to normal or somehow in their eyes get better. I do not believe this is a good growth strategy. ... Read More »

Why Our Addiction to Work Is Making Us Stupid, Depressed, Unhealthy, and Hurting Our Careers — And What to Do Instead

By Dr. Tasha Eurich Kmart’s announcement to open its doors at 6am last Thanksgiving Day sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Though bargain-seekers were thrilled, many are questioning the retail chain’s decision. In recent years, such “Thanksgiving Creep” has inspired multiple protests from employees, with one petition calling it “inhumane and inconsiderate.” And unfortunately, this problem doesn’t just exist in retail establishments around the ... Read More »

Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure

by Todd C. Williams AMACOM Books Need to pull a high-profile project back from the brink? Todd Williams’ engaging and action-packed book, Rescue the Problem Project, presents a fail-safe recovery plan for turning around the most troubled and embarrassing projects. With 65% of projects failing to meet goals and a whopping 25% of those canceled outright, this book provides a ... Read More »

Avoiding Office Politics: How to advance your career without bullying or boot-licking

Jeff Mowatt

by Jeff Mowatt Over the 20 years that I’ve been advising leaders and their teams on how to enhance customer service, I’ve found that with proper training, customer contact workers can quickly learn to enjoy dealing with external customers – even those who are stressed.   The main people who make their jobs stressful are their internal customers; their co-workers, subordinates, ... Read More »