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PicsArt Announces Edit gifs, Transforming The Editing Process Into Part of the Art and Providing a New Way to Showcase How Beautiful Work is Created


PicsArt Announces Edit gifs, Transforming The Editing Process Into Part of the Art and Providing a New Way to Showcase How Beautiful Work is Created Powerful new tool suite further empowers creatives to make incredibly beautiful imagery and establishes PicsArt as the premier destination for over 65 million mobile creatives every month San Francisco, Calif. [October 6, 2015]– PicsArt, a ... Read More »

Sustaining the Integrity of Video Surveillance at Ports


Last week at the ASIS conference we were honored to present along with one of our long-standing customers, Mike McMullen from Port of Long Beach.  The presentation was on “Sustaining the Integrity of Video Surveillance at Ports”, and with Mike’s experience in extremely large scale security operations within both corporate enterprise and public organizations he was able to share great insights ... Read More »

Lightning Strikes Twice!


“Datto is the company we choose for our customers that care about their data.” Jim Ray, President, Neuse Networks   Imagine if…       …a powerful lightning strike zapped your data center. …a second lightning strike zapped you again almost exactly a year later, in the same place! …both times you were able to quickly recover with ready-to-go failover VMs. “Mother Nature ... Read More »

Process Driven Sales Success

Process Driven Sales Success

Despite advancements in tools and resources available to sales organizations, sustainable success starts with a strong framework and foundation, or what is commonly referred to as a “sales process”.  Before you roll your eyes, I am not talking about layers of consult speak accompanied by endless graphs, leading to mostly confusion. A sales process is a set of actions executed ... Read More »

Is Your Pipeline Managing You?

Is Your Pipeline Managing You?

Are you managing your pipeline, or is your pipeline managing you?  Pipeline management is integral to sales success, but many confuse having a pipeline with managing their pipeline, and if your fiscal year ends December 31, the question, and the distinction between the two is even more relevant. Part of the issue is the mixed signals many reps receive; on ... Read More »

I Manager?

I Manager?

Sports make for great sales analogies, given some strong similarities in the success factors.  One specific is the fact that great players do not make the best coaches, and some of the best coaches were either no name players, or never played in the premier leagues.  The different is that in sports they have come to accept this, but in ... Read More »

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

My friend Barry, a professional driver, regularly drives from Toronto Ontario to Long Beach California, roughly 4,100 KM. I have done the same drive so we often compare notes about restaurants, places of interest, etc. Interestingly, he tends to make the drive in about 2.8 to 3 days, while it usually takes me 4.75 to 5.5 days. We both go ... Read More »

Hire a Sales Pro, Not a Product Guy

Sales Pros, Not Product Pros

People are creatures of comfort, they stick close to what they know, and who they know, and will often go out of their way to stay in their comfort zone. Staying within your comfort zone can have a negative repercussions when hiring sales people, this is especially so for manufacturers, the trades, product specific companies, and other sectors where “product ... Read More »

Five Proven Ways to Get More Appointments

Five Proven Ways to Get More Appointments

This time of year you see a lot of surveys about sales, views of sales leaders and their goals for the year ahead. One consistent theme is the need for more prospecting both within existing accounts and for new clients. This can not be accomplished without getting appointments, probably the least liked activity for all sales people, veteran or new. ... Read More »