Gentek Connect 2016 Gathers 16 Industry-Leading Vendors for an Unforgettable Day of Technology


Concord, Ontario (October 2nd, 2016) —
Gentek wants to invite all Value-Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers, Internet Service Providers and IT professionals to its vendor event, Gentek Connect 2016. On October 26th, the Riviera Parque will host 16 technology vendors, giving them a space to unveil new and upcoming products and present on the happenings and initiatives in the marketplace.

Vendor fairs like Gentek Connect 2016 provide numerous opportunities for discovering products and expanding professional networks. Vendor-run presentations offer insights into the best applications for and features of products in the market. These sessions also provide attendees with information on the next generation of technology and how it will impact the market.

Jeffrey Freedman, Vice President of Marketing at Gentek, comments on the importance of attending vendor shows: “We realize how busy resellers are, but we have put together an outstanding lineup of technology vendors to showcase their products and their visions for the future. There are very few channel events in Canada and when an event brings together technology leaders, any reseller who attends will gain a competitive advantage by staying aware of the market’s offerings and extracting the most value from their partnerships with these leading companies.”

At Gentek Connect 2016, attendees will have the opportunity to meet technology vendors and learn more about the companies behind the products. “These events celebrate innovation and demonstrate the standout features that can impact IT businesses and their customers,” Freedman explains.

There will be tabletops for each vendor to showcase existing and upcoming products
for attendees to explore. In addition, there will be presentations by each vendor throughout the day.  There is no fee to attend and breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages will be served plus there will be prize draws (including an iPhone 7, Sonos Playbar and a $1000 Gentek credit) throughout the day for attendees.  For more information about the event, please visit

About Gentek

Gentek is Canada’s premier distributor of broadband, network and VOIP products and
value-added services. With 35 years of experience, Gentek represents only best-of-breed technology vendors. Gentek’s careful selection of products allows its team to specialize and confidently sell to and support its customers. Gentek offers product training, support, configuration and provisioning, along with expert recommendations and a dedicated Reseller portal. Gentek partners gain a bevy of useful resources for managing and growing their IT business.
Learn more about Gentek here

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