Radicati Market Quadrant Report Names Forcepoint™ a “Top Player”


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Forcepoint™ Achieves “Top Player” Ranking in Corporate Web Security

APTs continue to evolve rapidly. Successful attacks can lead to costly data theft, financial penalties and damaged reputations.

The Radicati Group has just published its Market Quadrant Report on the leading security vendors in the “Corporate Web Security” space and Forcepoint is positioned as a “Top Player.” According to the report, “Forcepoint offers a powerful web security solution that addresses all key web security concerns and integrates well with additional modules for full cyberattack protection.”

Radicati Market Quadrant - Corporate Web Security

Vendors are positioned based on their strategic vision and the functionality of their solution. Radicati Market Quadrants(SM) provides a comparative viewpoint of the market, and an analysis of each vendor, including both strengths and weaknesses.

Download the report to learn more about why Forcepoint solutions are your best defense against advanced attacks and data theft and how Forcepoint leads the way in protecting what’s most important to you.



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