Subarna Gupta: Ten Beautiful Stories In One Read


Ten beautiful stories in one read. Subarna Gupta brings out a real authenticity in her writing and allows the reader to relate to these amazing women. The ten accounts of powerful but out everyday women beating the odds and finding success in their very own and unique way move and motivate you to do the big and the bold. All the fear of not making it goes out the window after learning about the countless obstacles these women had to overcome.

This book is for the person with big dreams and desires. It is for the people who are tired of living life in quiet desperation, always being told what to do and getting frustrated about not having the flexibility to live life on your own terms. Sheroes will give any woman the drive and determination she needs to take matters into her own hands.

This book will inspire you, motivate you, guide you and give you that confidence that you totally can shape your own future. You will realize that the only thing that is stopping you is “You”. Your time is always precious and reading these stories will spur an incredible desire to apply all that you learn into creating your own life immediately. Get your copy at


Professional Bio

Subarna has over 20 years of experience in business strategy, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship and networking working across four continents (Asia, Middle East, North America and Caribbean). She has worked with some of the biggest brands including Gillette, Nestle, Ray-Ban  as well as hi-tech brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Belkin, Payment Evolution.  To date, she has helped over 100 brands grow by developing the right strategies.

Subarna Gupta’s formal education includes a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Human resources. Subarna is completely a people’s person.

Today she runs her own marketing consulting business along with a large online distribution business where she consults clients from across the globe, be it Online education, Fashion clothing, Perfumes, Data mining to start-ups.

Subarna is passionate about marketing, business and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to use her knowledge to help female entrepreneurs succeed. Her book Sheroes Next Door is about success principles through stories of women entrepreneurs and will be published in February 2016.  As much, she is ambitious, she lives in the moment and has a strong commitment to self improvement and living her best life.

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