Lieberman Software and Aikya Security Extend Privileged Access Management Offerings to Canadian Enterprises


Lieberman Software Corporation and Aikya Security Solutions Inc. are partnering to deliver Privilege Access Management to Canadian organizations. Aikya, a security solution implementation firm, is adding Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) to its product

“Aikya Security’s expertise as a strategic cyber security and Identity and Access Management (IAM) service provider – and the company’s strong reputation in this complex field – make them an ideal partner to help us continue expanding in the Canadian market,” said Richard A Weeks, Vice
President of Channel and Business Development at Lieberman Software. “Our partnership will allow us to leverage Aikya’s extensive base of customers in the financial and utilities industries, which are some of the primary vertical markets for ERPM. We expect this partnership to deliver immediate
dividends for both companies.”

According to IDC, IT security is now the top IT priority among Canadian executives. ERPM is a cyber defense platform that automatically discovers, secures and audits powerful privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise – both on premises and in the cloud. It helps
control access to an organization’s most crucial proprietary data by fully auditing administrative access to systems and applications.

ERPM provides the accountability of showing which specific users had access to systems with sensitive data, when and for what stated purpose. This information can be provided to security auditors to verify compliance with major regulatory mandates.

Ketan Kapadia, Managing Director of Aikya Security, cited the flexibility and enterprise scalability of ERPM as key differentiators that influenced his decision to partner with Lieberman Software.

“The architecture of ERPM is flexible, and the product is easy to integrate, with a lot of connection endpoints right out of the box,” he said. “And it’s very simple for a customer to deploy and begin using ERPM to solve and address privileged access management challenges. We wanted to complete our cyber security ecosystem by including a privileged access management solution in our offerings, because managing privileged accounts and identities is now mission critical for every organization. We chose to partner with Lieberman Software for the approach that they are taking. It’s a company with the right product, the right people and the right vision.”

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