The Future of Audience-Focused Journalism


Advances in technology changed how people get their news, forever altering the media landscape, however could the same technology that caused financial instability for many news outlets now be its savior?

On April 27, 2016, Viafoura will host a webinar on the Future of Engaged Journalism, featuring a discussion with Engaged Journalism author and SMU professor Jake Batsell and Viafoura’s Daniel Seman.

Jake and Daniel will speak about the future of audience-focused journalism and its relation to financial survival for publishers in advance of their upcoming webinar.

The webinar, presented by Viafoura—a company that empowers more than 600 media brands to discover, engage and grow their audiences through a robust set of engagement, analytics and user experience management tools—will explore the following topics:

•Five key areas where news organizations can self-assess their efforts in journalistic engagement;

•How audience loyalty fuels financial survival in the digital age;

•Techniques to bring audience feedback into the front end of the reporting process;

•Best practices in formulating strategies for audience comments.

Batsell, who spent more than a decade as a print journalist before moving into the multimedia sphere as The Dallas Morning News Metro Desk’s hybrid reporter, can offer fresh insights into the future of audience development for publishers and journalists and its relation to financial survival for publishers.

Seman is a digital media veteran who prior to joining Viafoura, held key strategy and leadership roles managing consumer products for major Canadian media groups including St. Joseph Media, Quebecor, TC Media and The Globe and Mail.

For more information on Viafoura and the webinar, please visit


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