Voxox Introduces Cloud Phone iOS and Android Apps for Very Small Businesses

VoIP innovator Voxox announced that its Cloud Phone virtual PBX service now offers complementary iOS and Android apps. Cloud Phone addresses phone presence challenges for small businesses, particularly ones that don’t have a physical office. Originally introduced as a 100 percent web-based service, Cloud Phone provides ”micro-businesses” (businesses with one to 10 employees) with a U.S. telephone number that supports multiple employee extensions per account, sophisticated call routing, voicemail transcription, ability to make calls and manage call activity, notifications, call recordings, and much more — all within a sleek, simple design. No special equipment or advanced skills are necessary to use Cloud Phone. All that a user needs is an Internet connection and any phone to which calls can be routed. The effortless user experience and set-up process, which can be completed in less than a minute, along with highly competitive global calling rates, are key differentiators as compared to alternative solutions.
Cloud Phone Android app screenshot
The new Cloud Phone mobile app suite enables small business professionals to use their smartphones as a business phone system. The Cloud Phone mobile app  suite offers exclusive new features, such as Flip, which allows users to instantly transfer a call from their mobile app to their desk phone or any other phone, and Eavesdrop, which enables users to listen in on incoming voicemails in real-time with the ability to pick up the call any time. In addition to its unique features and delightfully simple user experience, the Cloud Phone mobile app is the first of all Voxox products to use the company’s patent-pending VoIP codec, which has dramatically outperformed popular competitive technologies in voice quality testing, particularly in poor connectivity environments.


To view pricing and/or to sign up for Cloud Phone, please visit www.cloudphone.com. Download the Cloud Phone Android app directly from Google Play and the iOS app directly from iTunes.

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