PicsArt Announces Edit gifs, Transforming The Editing Process Into Part of the Art and Providing a New Way to Showcase How Beautiful Work is Created


PicsArt Announces Edit gifs, Transforming The Editing Process Into Part of
the Art and Providing a New Way to Showcase How Beautiful Work is Created

Powerful new tool suite further empowers creatives to make incredibly
beautiful imagery and establishes PicsArt as the premier destination for
over 65 million mobile creatives every month

San Francisco, Calif. [October 6, 2015]– PicsArt, a leader in the mobile
creative content space, announced today a series of new features, including
edit gifs, a new tool that transforms a user’s edits into an animated
step-by-step gif showcasing how their creations were made. PicsArt already
provides its users with a desktop-grade tool suite to create amazing works
via mobile, now the company wants to expose the effort behind those
creations with this new feature– a first for this mobile creative platform.

PicsArt initially created this feature to help drawers showcase their
technique and is now expanding the feature to both photo edits and draw
while adding in the gif export functionality. Edit gifs is an amazing
collaborative tool allowing users to see how artwork comes to life. Through
this new feature, artists simply record their design process as it happens
and then share with PicsArt’s global community.

Sequoia-backed PicsArt is one of the biggest breakout mobile stories of the
year. With a rapidly growing community resulting from more than 250 million
installs, the startup continues its push to expand on a global scale,
providing an elevated tool suite to design and create images to be shared
around the world. PicsArt moves past simple capture and share features and
has instead chosen to focus on creation and discovery to allow people to use
the platform to create, inspire and grow.

“We’ve seen that our global community wants a more robust experience than
just simply capturing and sharing content,” said Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO of
PicsArt. “They want to not only create, but they want to share the process
of creation. Collaborative content creation is the next frontier.”

PicsArt will also be offering users additional new tools to complement the
Edit gifs feature.

-Full-HD Template in Draw: To eliminate empty wasted space in a photo and
allow for exported videos to automatically appear in full screen.
-Lens Flares + Perspective: Advanced tools to provide the best hue for each
image and correcting perspective in photos to produce quality images.
-New Trending Effects: Achieve a retro, sunny or geometric effects to
transform photos into works of art. Or, polish a photo with the crips effect
to increase contrast, clarity, and sharpness of the shot.
=Before/After Icon: Exclusive to this platform, allows users to
simultaneously view the original image while making edits.

Edit gifs will roll out in the coming month. To explore PicsArt’s latest
tools and features, download the app today on the  App Store, Google Play,
or Windows. To learn more, go to

About PicsArt
PicsArt is the largest mobile community of creatives and creative images.
The company’s U.S. office is based in San Francisco, California with a focus
on enabling anyone to be creative, share, socialize, discover, learn and be
inspired. The app has been installed 250 million times and continues to
expand and improve, so anyone can unleash their creativity and discover
their inner artist.

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