Canada Not Spared From Rise of Hackers and Cybercriminals


Canada not spared from rise of hackers and cyber-criminals, new security threat report reveals

More and more, hackers are targeting daily life through technologies we all use like airplanes, home routers, point of sale terminals and even vehicles. Their more strategic and refined approaches are reflected in the exponential increase in the use of traditional attack methods and more selective victims, including small businesses both sides of the US-Canadian, which contribute to 87% of all worldwide Cryptowall infections.

Today, Trend Micro released its Q2 2015 Security Roundup focusing on the threats from April – June 2015: “A Rising Tide: New Hacks Threaten Public Technologies.” Some highlights specific to Canada:

o   The notorious Canadian “Frapstar” Canadian Lone-wolf cybercriminal “Frapstar” built a one person criminal enterprise supplying fake Canadian passports and stolen credit card information to other cybercriminals.

o   Online banking malware in Canada dropped in June 2015 to less than half of what it was in January 2015.

o   The global surge in Macro Malware was reflected in Canada, with macro malware detection in Canada nearly doubling from May 2015 to June 2015

For more information, see the Canadian release:

The full report is available here:

A blog about Frapstar is also available:

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