Intronis unveils new flat pricing model and new platform for MSPs


Aaron Dun, CMO of Intronis.

By Mark Cox

Intronis, which makes cloud and virtualized backup for IT service providers who serve the SMB market, is making two major announcements tomorrow which the company believes will have a radical effect on its marketplace. First, they are introducing a new, flat-fee unlimited cloud and unlimited local storage pricing plan. Secondly, they are announcing the Intronis ECHOplatform, which supports the new pricing model, as well as the new offerings Intronis has announced over the past year and a half as they expanded upon their original business model.

“We have been working on things to enable our MSP partners to go to market in new and differentiated ways and grow their business opportunities, and here we have two pretty big pieces of news on product and pricing,” said Aaron Dun, CMO of Intronis.

“We are dramatically changing how you think about pricing,” Dun added. “We are doing away with the legacy system of having cost be per GB, and are moving to a flat price with a single fixed monthly fee.

Dun said that fixing costs on the backend will give Intronis channel partners perfect cost predictability each month, and give them new growth opportunities.

“Our partners will have cost certainty with this,” he said. “It also gets our partners out of having to justify the value of what they do based on how much someone stores.”

“This will allow partners to consolidate their tools, and to leverage the conversation with SMB customers about how to best protect them, as opposed to asking about how many gigs do you have to protect,” said Neal Bradbury, Co-founder and VP Channel Development at Intronis. “We will also be adding additional capabilities to help them best protect that data.”

Dun said that the old legacy pricing per GB model will still be available if anyone still wants to do it that way, but except for partners at the margin who only require a very small amount of storage, he can’t think why any partner would want to do it the old way.

“We think this is the way everyone will want to do it, based on conversations with partners when we were beta testing it,” he said. “It is so much more cost effective that they will want to do it this way.  We’ve modelled this out to make sure we won’t crater the business. But we believe we succeed when we make our partners successful. That was our first goal, to make it simple and flexible and give them room to grow. We know more partners will want to adopt this to create growth.”

The new Intronis ECHOplatform that Intronis is also introducing was specifically designed to support the new pricing model, as well as the newer offerings that the company has recently introduced, and others which it will be rolling out shortly.

“The ECHOplatform lets us bundle all our products onto a single platform,” Dun said. “Over the last year and a half we have expanded beyond our roots in Cloud backup into virtualized environments and local options. This new platform reflects that and gives partners access to everything that we do. We have further pieces that are coming shortly like bare metal restore and file synch and share, and this platform will be a foundation for those things as well.”

The new platform is also necessary to implement the new pricing system.

“It was specifically designed for the new pricing model,” Dun said. “We had to do both things together.”

The enhancements that Intronis made to its old platform in its spring release are all preserved in the new platform, which Dun said will be the roadmap going forward.

“It’s all rebranded and repackaged, but our partners will be able to rebrand it on a white label basis as they have always done,” he added.

Later this week, Intronis will also be announcing a new online portfolio of easily branded marketing, technical and sales materials for partners’ use, as well as a new Intronis University and portal.

“This Partner Tool Kit has brandable tools and sales tips on how to sell to SMBs against the consumer brands,” Dun said.

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