Citrix and CA Technologies to provide native integration of NetScaler and SiteMinder


Kurt Roemer, Citrix Chief Security Strategist


Citrix and CA Technologies have announced an agreement which will enable integration of the Citrix NetScaler SDX service delivery networking platform with the CA SiteMinder access management solution. This planned integration will consolidate the capabilities of the CA SiteMinder Secure Proxy Server (SPS) onto the NetScaler appliance, to address the problem of device, application and information diversity, while simplifying user authentication and providing secure, high performance access. The native integration of the two solutions will deliver unified, multi-tenant policy control point for mobile and cloud services

“The need for strong identity and access management (IAM) is essential to the secured operation of complex web properties and services,” said Kurt Roemer, Citrix Chief Security Strategist. “Integration of multi-factor authentication, single sign on (SSO) and strong access governance are an absolute requirement for operating in today’s compliance and threat environment.”

With the need for a unified access infrastructure that works across applications and network layers is needed, the planned integration of NetScaler SDX and CA SiteMinder will bring together the ability to host multiple networking instances on a single hardware appliance with the enterprise-class secure single sign-on (SSO) and flexible identity access management needed to authenticate users and control access to applications.

“Citrix and CA Technologies share a common vision for a streamlined approach to setting policies for secure access, authentication, and authorization.” Roemer said. “CA SiteMinder is a world-class web access management system providing SSO, federation and access management to very large web properties scaling to millions of users. CA SiteMinder Proxy server allows administrators to layer web access management easily in front of very large web farms.”

Roemer said the combination of the SiteMinder IAM services with the multitenant NetScaler SDX platform, dynamic applications and workloads will provide a rich suite of authentication services,  allowing rapid, secure deployment of the SiteMinder secure proxy server, reducing TCO, and providing flexibility for fast and easy creation and management of SiteMinder deployments.

“We expect the integration of CA SiteMinder and Citrix NetScaler SDX will help improve our customers’ cost structures and IT staff efficiency as well as enhance overall system performance for application access,” said Mike Denning, senior vice president and general manager, Security Business, CA Technologies. “This is one more example of the business benefit and value our mutual customers receive from the partnership between Citrix and CA Technologies.”

“Enterprises are looking for innovative technology platforms to help transform their data center in order to be more responsive to the business,” said Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Citrix and CA are partnering to respond by consolidating multiple functions on to the NetScaler SDX platform with integrations with CA SiteMinder, delivering greater value within the same physical footprint.”

The joint solution from Citrix and CA Technologies will be available later this year.

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