ThreatTrack Security looking to channel to drive higher end APT business

ThreatTrack Security looking to channel to drive higher end APT business



Julian Waits, CEO of ThreatTrack Security


By Mark Cox

ThreatTrack Security
, which used to be GFI Software’s Security Business Unit until it was spun out into its own company earlier this year, released the 5.0 version of its ThreatAnalyzer solution for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) several weeks ago. Now it is embarking on recruiting higher-end resellers to sell it, preparatory to rolling out a full channel program in early 2014.

Under GFI, the main emphasis had been on the VIPRE anti-malware solution, which was SMB focused and sold about three-quarters through the channel, rather than ThreatAnalyzer, which at that time was known as the GFI Sandbox and  CWSandbox offerings.

“ThreatAnalyzer was more of an irritant to GFI,” said Julian Waits, CEO of ThreatTrack Security. “We had 200 customers, but they were all in the federal and intelligence area.” They were also in a higher level of the market than GFI typically played. And the number of channel partners was much more limited, and managed in a very ad hoc manner.

All that has begun to change since the formation of the new company.

“We aren’t moving away from SMB as a company, but and we will continue the legacy business with VIPRE, but creating the new company was really to move it in the direction of APTs,” Waits said.

ThreatAnalyzer 5.0 is more focused on large customers and on the higher end of the SMB, so we are definitely moving more upmarket.”

They also need more partners to drive sales.

“We have had a lot of uptake with Threat Analyzer 5.0, but to move it forward requires channel partners,” Waits said. “There are many vendors with differentiated sandbox tools, but we believe we have best tools as well as the largest set of customers using them. We have no interest in growing our direct sales force to sell this. We want to expand our channel to do it.”

Waits said while they only have 4-5 partners selling ThreatAnalyzer at the moment, they want to grow that to at least 10-15.

“We integrate with tools like ArcSite, and we are focusing on integrators who play in that space,” he said. “We are really looking for specialized channels, the high end of VIPRE channel  and above, partners who have a trusted advisor relationship with their customers.”

At this point, Waits said that what they are doing is making a general call to arms to potential partners in the specialized security space.

“This first announcement lets everyone know we want to have you as a partner,” Waits said. “We want  to  bring those partners on board early, and launch a program by February of  next year that will get us completely away from ad hoc. We want these partners to help us define the program, and tell us what we can add above and beyond what competitors provide.”

Waits said that vetting the partner program through the core partners will make sure the partner program is done the right way the first time.

“We are very sensitive to the fact there are a whole bunch of other security vendors with programs,” Waits added. “We want to enable our partners to make money.”


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