Mozy announces its next-gen data protection services


Gytis Barzdukas, senior director for product management at Mozy

Today, Mozy, by EMC, is announcing the launch of the next generation of its cloud data protection service providing enterprises. It features integrated endpoint data protection and productivity features, more “people-centric” administration tools, and new partner resources. MozyEnterprise is also now available as an option in the EMC Data Protection Suite.

“This is an expansion of the capabilities of Mozy across the board, including MozyPro [the SMB offering] and MozyEnterprise,”   said Gytis Barzdukas, senior director for product management at Mozy. “The capabilities run across the service.”

A key element of these capabilities is providing enterprise cloud administrator tools to provide people-centric data protection.

“We had a device-centric model before, and are now moving to a people-centric model for the administrator, or the reseller,” Barzdukas said. With elements like user-based setup, data stored for each person, and quotas for individuals and teams, it’s a simpler system to administer.

“A  people-centric system lowers the bar for the administrator,” Barzdukas said.

“In talking with customers, we find more and more of the IT admin want simplicity as the top priority,” he said. “They still want the security and performance, but they also want it to be drop-dead simple. That’s an impact of BYOD, that it’s now the admin as well as the end user who wants simplicity.”

Barzdukas said that while it is being announced now, the vast majority of customers have already been moved to the people-centric model.

“That has been out for a while, and we found that it has reduced backup error rate by 30-40%,” he said. “You no longer have to administer each server at a granular level. And the benefits from the improved administrative capabilities are important for partners.”

The end user experience has also been enhanced with an integrated Mozy Sync folder that keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices.

“Mozy Sync has been in beta, and we are now moving it out into service,” Barzdukas said. “The question we had to decide was whether we would charge for it, and we aren’t.”

The Sync does not yet include file sharing between different users.

“We have been discussing this and working with the other parties in EMC on the common road map there, but it’s not something that will be coming to market yet,” he added.

The new version will also facilitate faster initial file upload and greater bandwidth efficiency when backing up large files.

“We have faster file upload because large file backups are always resumed, so we aren’t rebaselining,” Barzdukas said. “You won’t have to make multiple attempts to get the first backup done, and because you aren’t repeating the process, it reduces the bandwidth.”

Partner resources have also been enhanced with new API support that allows partners and resellers to integrate with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.

“It still requires some work to integrate, as we are not announcing full integration with any third party RMM providers, but we do expect there will be an evolution of our API set,” Barzdukas said.

Making the APIs available has also led to new Professional Services Automation systems, tools used by resellers and IT admins to automate processes.

“We had some of these capabilities in the past but they were rudimentary,” Barzdukas said. “This is a new set of capabilities.”

MozyEnterprise now becomes an optional public cloud component within the EMC Data Protection Suite.

“At the higher end, EMC Velocity resellers can sell this with the Data Protection Suite,” Barzdukas said. “It will increase the attach rate. Upwards of 40% of BRS software is now sold through the Data Protection Suite.”

MozyEnterprise has been part of the Data Protection Suite since November 1, and the people-centric administrative changed have been substantially implemented. But Sync goes live today, and the partner APIs become available today as well.



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