JAMF announces Casper Suite for upcoming Apple OS X Mavericks


Jason Wudi, JAMF’s CTO

Minneapolis-based JAMF Software  has announced the Casper Suite for the forthcoming Apple OS X Mavericks release, which will provide additional enterprise management features, security capabilities and zero-day support for Apple’s newest operating system.


JAMF, which was founded in 2002 and has 250 employees globally, developed its Casper client management solution exclusively for the Apple Platform. It provides a comprehensive platform to manage both Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices. Its administrative functions include mobile device management, settings management, software distribution, imaging, inventory, package building, image management, remote updates, as well as inventory, configuration, security, management, and app distribution for iOS mobile device management.


“Our focus is on the enterprise, and our goal is to help enterprises succeed with their Apple programs,” said Jason Wudi, JAMF’s CTO. “Our customers include 34 of the Fortune 100, and we have seen an exponential growth in our business since 2010, with OS X having a lot to do with that.”


While the BYOD phenomenon is increasing Apple sales, Wudi said that in the case of their enterprise customers, that hasn’t been a major factor in JAMF’s success.


“With the large majority of our enterprise customers, growth in the platform has been driven by user choice, but most devices are corporate owned, like in the education vertical,” he said. A large factor in their success in these markets has been Casper’s ability to fit in nicely with Wintel management infrastructure.


“No enterprise will rip and replace its critical business tools to support Apple,” Wudi said.


With its focus on the large enterprise, JAMF’s go-to-market strategy in the U.S. has been primarily direct – in the past.


“Outside the U.S., including Canada, about 85-90% of our business has been channel, but inside the US, the legacy was a direct model and a handful of partners,” said Jason Tober, Vice President of Sales at JAMF. “The last year we have seen a trend to a more indirect model.” That includes JAMF’s first plunge into distribution, signing a North American deal with Tech Data last year which makes the Casper Suite available to Tech Data resellers.


“Until recently, there wasn’t a lot of Apple buying in the commercial sector except for small buys in the creative departments, certainly compared with big Wintel opportunities, so that limited channel interest,” Tober said. “That all has changed, so we are continuing to recruit partners and grow our channel presence as the market grows for iOS.”


The new version of Casper adds and enhances several key features, including enhanced disk encryption management.


“This lets you configure Macs to use Apple’s FileVault 2 Disk Encryption technology issues from a central location, bringing the full Apple experience to the end user but still having full control,” Wudi said.


Enhanced security controls for managed devices have also been added. These allow the utilization of Apple frameworks to configure security settings, such as on-demand VPN, and restrictions on corporate data sharing


“The VPN tunnel can be created automatically, and some functions, like access to the Mac App Store, can be disabled,” Wudi said.


An enhanced in-place operating system upgrades feature provides a toolset to automatically upgrade to OS X Mavericks in the enterprise.


“This has been extended so that it can be driven from a central console, all on top of the enterprise’s existing infrastructure, because people won’t change things for iOS,” Wudi said.


In addition, new enterprise Integration integrates with existing infrastructure to automatically configure email, calendars and corporate network access, and Zero-Day Support will provide a seamless transition to the new Apple operating system on release day.


The latest version of the Casper Suite will be available as a free upgrade for all customers with up-to-date support and license agreements.

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