Ingram Micro announces new Digital Signage Certified Expert Training program

Kevin Prewett
Senior Director of the Pro AV / Digital Signage Business Unit
Ingram Micro

Today, distributor Ingram Micro is announcing a new Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE) training program available to partners through its ProAV / Digital Signage business unit. The focus for now is primarily on the U.S., although the program is expected to be available in Canada as well.


Ingram has had a certification program in place previously, through which digital signage training was offered by Brawn Consulting through the Ingram business unit.


“We had partnered in the past with Brawn, and offered an Ingram version of this training from Brawn online as well as in the classroom,” said Kevin Prewett, senior director of the Pro AV / Digital Signage Business Unit. “But we didn’t have it in Ingram per se, and we didn’t use our own internal people to deliver it. This lets us offer it as an Ingram value-added service.”


While the new training program is being facilitated by Brawn’s ProAV trainers and educators from Brawn Consulting, and the certification remains the one the Brawn team created,   Ingram Micro technology solutions engineer Tom Jones is DSCE certified and has the authorization to certify under the program.


“Brawn owns the content and we are the only ones outside Brawn eligible to certify today,” Jones said. Jones is also an advisor on Brawn’s council, and provides them with information he sees through distribution.


There are four total courses  — for network experts, display experts, content experts and an overall DSCE course that embraces all the others.


“We will focus on the general one, the DSCE course that covers elements of all of them,” Jones said.


“It’s for both technical people and business owners, in that it explores the technology side but also does a deep dive in how to create value,” Jones added. “It includes tracks such as how to prospect and identify the right digital signage solutions, how to measure and demonstrate the return on investment and business value of digital signage, how to master the fundamentals of digital signage system design and how to market, sell and price digital signage solutions.


While both new and advanced digital signage solution providers should be able to get something out of the program, those with some experience will likely get the most.


“It does lean to people who have a little bit of experience, and I think they will take more away from it,” Prewett said.


The one-day course is available both online, and face-to-face at boot camps held by the Business Unit.


The Digital Signage Business Unit started about seven years ago, and was subsequently expanded with Pro/AV. It continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in Ingram Micro.

Kevin Prewett, senior director of the Pro AV / Digital Signage Business Unit at Ingram Micro – See more at: file:///C:/Users/John/Desktop/ChannelLineArchive/eChannelLineNov2713/

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