Tech Data adds MessageOps’ 365 Command to TD Cloud offerings

Bharath Natarajan
Director, Product Marketing, TDCloud and Software Services
Tech Data

Tech Data has announced a new partnership with MessageOps through which MessageOps’ hosted tool for management of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, 365 Command, will be available through the TDCloud business unit.

“This is a very popular tool, and is seen as the de facto leader in Office 365 management,” said Bharath Natarajan, director, Product Marketing, TDCloud and Software Services at Tech Data. “Partners who have sourced it directly from MessageOps wanted to see a channel version, and  we had been discussing this with MessageOps for quite some time.”

Natarajan said 365 Command creates a console for partners to manage and administer email addresses across thousands of accounts.

“MessageOps used to be a reseller that did Office 365 migrations, and they found they were spending  a lot of time and engineering resources writing Windows PowerShell scripts, which was not a good use of that time,” Natarajan said. They developed 365 Command, which replaces the command line interface of  PowerShell with a rich, HTML 5 web interface, and offered it to their own customers and partners.

“It lets you drag and drop instead of writing script, and you can deploy it across thousands or even hundreds of thousands of email addresses,” Natarajan added.

When the reseller was acquired by Champion Solutions Group, MessageOps was spun off into a vendor-facing company. 365 Command officially launched in February 2013 and now manages more than 850,000 mailboxes from nearly 2,000 companies worldwide. They also have over 100 channel resellers, including Microsoft partners Janalent, Maureen Data Systems, and Apex Digital Solutions.

While 365 Command can accommodate the needs of very large MSPs, Natarajan  said smaller VARs can benefit from it even more.

“Today, hosted email is huge, and pretty much every VAR has to deal with the question of whether to migrate an instance of on-prem email to the cloud,” he said. “Smaller VARs have fewer engineers to do this full time. So this makes a tool like this even more valuable for SMBs to reallocate VAR resources. It also makes it also an option for a VAR who hasn’t moved to the crowd, especially in the email space which is the dominant cloud application.”

Retail pricing for Command 365 is $19.95 s month for the first 50 seats, with additional price per seat of $0.25 between 51 and 250 seats, $0.15  between 251 and 1000 seats, and $0.10 over 1000 seats.

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