Ingram Micro Cloud, dinCloud, expand relationship to include dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers



Cloud services provider dinCloud has expanded its relationship with the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace to include dinServer, its hosted virtual server offering.

dinCloud, a relatively new company that is a spin-off of a VAR that was establishing cloud services, originally started in the virtual desktop space.

“We looked on the virtual desktop space as the promised land,” and wanted to be the leading hosted virtual desktop provider,” said  Ali Din, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, dinCloud. They established their initial relationship with Ingram Micro in the summer of 2012 around that virtual desktop offering.

“We soon realized the desktop is just two things – data and applications – and to differentiate ourselves in a very crowded market we had to do something different,” said  Saad Shahzad, SVP Sales and Chief Strategy Officer, dinCloud.

The result is a three-pronged family of offerings intended to offer an end-to-end solution in the cloud. dinHVD, the Hosted Virtual Desktop offering, dinServer, for hosted virtual servers, and dinBackup, their hosted Backup and Recovery services offering, which today is centered around NetApp. NetApp is one of dinCloud’s two OEM partners (Microsoft being the other) and dinCloud is a NetApp Gold partner. All customer applications, desktops, servers, and data are co-located in a secure, virtual private data center.

“We can offer SMBs a complete end-to-end solution in the cloud around these three offerings,” Shahzad said. Their target market is the 50 to 800 seat space.

All these offerings are enabled by dinManage, the company’s cloud orchestration and management platform, which lets customers configure, upgrade, downgrade, add or remove servers, and have command line access. It features automated synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory, a VM Importing Wizard, provisioning and de-provisioning of Virtual Hosted Desktops and Virtual Hosted Servers, and a remote console for accessing virtual machines remotely as an admin user.

“dinManage is incredibly user friendly software,” Shahzad said. “We give this away for free to the channel as long as they are selling our services.”

dinCloud does not sell direct. Aside from its OEMs, it has its’ distribution relationship with Ingram Micro, and two relationships with large solution providers, En Pointe and Insight. The En Pointe relationship, made in 2011, was dinCloud’s first. The Insight partnership was established earlier this year.

“For distribution, we went with Ingram Micro because we believed they were ahead of the other distributors in building a hosted virtual line card,” Shahzad said. That followed a nine month RFP process.

“When we established our hosted desktop relationship with Ingram, we were consistently hearing from the channel that there were 20-plus players in hosted desktops, and it was confusing which one to work with, because there were so many different price ranges and value propositions,” Shahzad said. “Ingram does a very good job of screening out vendors they believe are market leading.” Because the desktop relationship with Ingram has been successful, it made sense to expand it to servers.

dinServer is available in monthly and annual subscriptions, with special promotions available to Ingram Micro partners.

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