Avaya announces turnkey solution for midsize outbound contact centers


Mark Monday, VP of Product Management, Collaboration Platforms, Avaya

Today, Avaya announced Avaya Outbound Contact Express, an all-new, turnkey solution for mid-size contact centers.

“Avaya Outbound Contact Express is focused on a  portion of the market — spaces which are outbound only,” said Mark Monday, VP of Product Management, Collaboration Platforms at Avaya. “That’s one caveat of the solution, but also a huge benefit. It does one complicated task very well.”

Monday said that while this is a niche market, it’s a pretty large niche.

“Inside of Avaya, there are four outbound contact centers,” he said. “Organizations that do inside sales, collections, or banking might have two dozen, all separated, and all performing a different task. There’s a lot of them. They tend to be smaller, and need to adjust quickly.”

Outbound Contact Express is a pre-integrated, all-in-one solution supporting 25-250 agents and up to 500 trunks. It is a complete system with trunks and scripting, not a software-only solution

“It’s a complete solution in a single box,” Monday said. “It is complete and ready to run when you roll the box in, so a customer can set up an outbound campaign within 24 hours. Contact centers can take up to 30 days to get up. But by bundling it all together, we can cut that time to less than 24 hours.”

Monday also said the new solution has predictive dialing with exceptional call detection accuracy, predictive speech analytics, an administrative web client for defining campaigns, agent scripting and reporting, and call recording to ensure quality and compliance capabilities. The result is more effective use of agent time and a lower cost per call to reach customers.

“It has the ability to connect the agent to the live caller very quickly,” he said. “You might have 500 trunks dialing numbers and only 200 persons taking calls, so we’ve improved the connect tiles. Typical systems are 1.5-2 seconds to connect and we’ve cut it to 1.1 to 1.2 seconds.”

In addition, a single contact for all maintenance and support needs significantly reduces the costs and complexity associated with day to day operations and maintenance of traditional, multi-vendor solutions

Outbound Contact Express is a turnkey alternative to Avaya Proactive Contact, which is less flexible than Proactive Contact, but also much less expensive.

“Proactive Contact lets you build a system that is more flexible, and you can build a larger system than Outbound Contact Express, but you also have to design a custom system to your needs, which is much more expensive,” Monday said. “With Outbound Contact Express, we’ve gotten to a price point of between $1300 and 1800 per agent. It’s $2500 to $3000 per agent customizing a solution around Proactive Contact.”

Monday said interest level in Outbound Contact Express is very high.

“It’s quick to bring up,” he said. “Some other systems that are out there are quite difficult to support and often go down, which is a big factor when you have 200 agents sitting idly. We believe as long as we keep the price point attractive, that interest will be high.”

This solution will go to market entirely through partners, Monday said.

“Those who are already contact center-focused will do very well with this solution,” he noted. “The investment they have to make to pick up this product is very minimal. A lot of the difficult work is already done for them. We’ve kept training requirements and investment by a contact center partner very minimal. It’s only a few hours of additional training.”

Monday also added that some of the partners in the beta surprised them a bit.

“We found that partners in the low end, the SME segment, of the telephony space see it as a way to grow their UC practice, so it also opens up a new opportunity for that UC-focused partner,” he said.

Avaya Outbound Contact Express will be available at the end of June.

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