ESET introduces Business Solutions bundles to North American market

Matthew McManus
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Security software vendor ESET has made a move to deepen its penetration of the commercial market in North America with the launch of ESET Business Solutions, which combine multiple ESET business products.

ESET is one of the many European anti-virus companies who have tried their luck in the North American market, and with some success, although they are still likely better known here in the consumer space, assisted mightily by high rankings and awards from IT organizations and publications for their product’s efficiency.  The company, based in Bratislava, Slovakia was founded in 1992, and first had a sales presence in North America in 1999.

The company has recently ramped up its commercial presence in North America.  Last year, it  announced a new line of business products,  ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus, in a reworking of its old product line  intended to strengthen its focus on the business segment. In February of this year, ESET made these two offerings available to its Managed Service Provider (MSP) channel.  The new Business Solutions bundles are designed to make ESET products even more attractive to business customers.

The interesting thing here is that ESET business bundles have not been sold previously in North America, although they have been in other markets.

“On the business side, we’ve been adding things customers have asked for from a feature perspective,” said Matthew McManus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ESET, who effectively heads up their channel operations, since ESET sells 100% through channel partners. “Interest in the bundles was heavy in other parts of the world, but not as much in the US.” McManus thinks it’s because ESET solutions were considered to be excellent point solutions.

McManus said that it’s now time for the Business Solutions bundles here, to further drive growth, He noted that Gartner has ESET ranked at number six in AV sales, and the U.S. is the last area where ESET thinks it still has significant room to grow.

“Our goal is ‘make it simple’ technology, and the bundles are an important step to create that assurance for both the channel and customers,” he said. They also give customers better value with the bundle pricing.

Four Business Solutions bundles are available. ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (EEPS) includes ESET Endpoint Antivirus, ESET NOD32 Business Edition for Mac or Linux, ESET Endpoint Security for Mobile, and ESET File Security products.

“Before we had Windows, Mac and Linux separate,  and customers didn’t have the ability to move around,” McManus said. “It’s now the total number of licenses, regardless of platform,. which makes it easier for the customer.”

ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced (EEPA), the second bundle,  includes all solutions in EEPS plus ESET Endpoint Security.

McManus said that while ESET has been mainly SMB-focused in the past, the other two bundles also speak well to enterprise needs. ESET Secure Business (ESB) includes all solutions in EEPA plus Mail Security products And ESET Secure Enterprise (ESE) includes all solutions in ESB plus Gateway Security products

Business Solutions can be ordered in one, two or three year terms. ESET also offers special SKUs for government agencies and educational institutions.

McManus said that partner response to the Business Solutions has been positive.

“Some have said they would have liked to see it sooner,” he said. “We had hundreds of quotes out from partners on launch day. It makes it easier for the partner to communicate value,  quoting one SKU instead of six.”

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