Check Point adds another small business appliance


Kellman Meghu
Check Point’s Head of Security Engineering
Central US and Canada

Check Point Software Technologies built its brand on enterprise grade offerings, but has now made its second major release their year aimed at the lower part of the market, with its new 600 appliances. The 600 series follows up the 1100 series, released several weeks ago.

“The 1100 is a beefier version, aimed more at the bigger end of small businesses,” said Kellman Meghu, Check Point’s Head of Security Engineering Central US and Canada. “The 600 series falls more in the 10-50 person range. But the protections offered are the same, and are the same as the protections in our enterprise products. That’s our policy now, to have protections consistent across all the platforms. Small businesses face the same threats as big banks.”

The 600 Appliances’ protections include firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention (IPS), anti-virus, anti-spam, application control, and URL filtering.

“We bring in things like application control which are unique in this market, and the ability to protect against in-depth threats like bots,” Meghu said.

Meghu said that while they expect the 1100 will be sold mainly into the branch office market, the 600 should be a stronger true small business play, as well as appealing to some branch offices.

“Typical branch offices are diverse, and the 600 gives them the option of picking between it and the 1100, for specific offices where the 1100 would provide excess capacity that isn’t needed,” Meghu said.

Check Point has always covered the smaller business and ROBO (remote office/branch office) markets previously, but Meghu said the 600, like the 1100 before it, deliver the full range of Check Point functionality, which the old products did not, and also offer the strength of the next generation of hardware.

“We are making more of a push in the small business market,” he said. “We have always had a branch office offering, like the Edge device, which worked on its own but plugged in beautifully into the whole architecture. The 600 is much better designed for this market though. It has a lot of wizards, so it can be set by people who don’t know security, which is often the case in smaller companies.” Pre-defined security policies help small businesses get their security up and running in a matter of minutes. Web-based management options are offered through a simple and intuitive user interface designed with simplicity in mind.

“Smaller businesses know who we are, but now we can say we have the same level of protection the big companies get, but priced specifically for their market,” Meghu added. “These are priced for small businesses.”  Pricing starts at $399 for the entry level model in the series. There are three models in all, the 620, 640, and 680).

Check Point sells 100% through partners, and Meghu said he expects their existing partners can provide coverage of this market.

“Though the distributors we have clearing house relationships, which will help here,” he said. “We need our partners to get the message out though that we aren’t just for big enterprises. With the 600, we can go into small offices, or even home offices of lawyers and doctors. This isn’t just another UTM box. We are bringing enterprise features into the home market.”

The Check Point 600 series is available now.

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