EMC unveils its first Data Protection Suite

Rob Emsley
Sr. Director of Marketing
EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division

LAS VEGAS — EMC has announced the EMC Data Protection Suite, which brings together EMC backup and archive offerings in a single suite that will lower total cost of ownership.  It features a flexible licensing model lets customers mix and match the usage of individual products to best fit their requirements.

“There are not a lot of changes to the components of the suite, but over the last few years, we have seen more of our customers use multiple combinations of our offerings,” said Rob Emsley,  Sr. Director of Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division. “Regardless of whether a customer was using just EMC Networker or just EMC Avamar, they wanted to get a suite and license for specific use cases.”

Emsley said the suite lets customers get a more cost-effective bundle to deal with these cases.

“The last six months, we have been piloting our backup capabilities as a suite, in both direct and indirect forms,” he said.  ”We are licensing them through a front-end TB capacity licensing scheme. We made the front end TB licensing match what we sold Networker for, so this gives customers the ability to mix and match for Avamar as well.” Pricing is primarily on a tiered basis which rewards volume purchase.

The suite also contains EMC Data Domain Boost, EMC Data ProtectionAdvisor and EMC SourceOne.

“We offer best-of-breed components, and the argument against best-of-breed is that it requires multiple products, instead of a single one that can do it all,” Emsley said. “This remedies that.”

Emsley also said they are looking to add customers who want to take advantage of Data Domain Boost, not just using EMC backup software, but also those who use applications like Oracle RMAN that can access Data Domain.

“That ability is coming soon after,” he said.

Emsley said the suite should also assist EMC in the archiving space.

“The deployment of archive solutions isn’t as high as backup, so backup tends to be strained by the lack of good archiving practices,” he said. “Companies never really prune their production infrastructure, so when they recover, they bring back stuff that should just have been archived. So I think you will see more customers add archiving solutions within their protective infrastructure.”

Emsley also noted that this suite will be particularly useful for partners.

“65% of our backup business goes through the channel,” he said. “This will provide a way of presenting more capabilities to the channel customers in a more simple and affordable mechanism. In the pilot, much of the business has flown through the channel.

“The backup and recovery market is driven by software and appliances, and this announcement will continue to provide the channel with opportunities to work with customers to sell the market-leading solutions,” Emsley said.

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