LifeSize emphasizes video collaboration ease of use with new Icon series



LifeSize, Logitech’s videoconferencing division, which sells 100% through the channel, has unveiled LifeSize Icon, a new video system with a simplified interface that is designed to make a video conference as simple as a phone call.


“This new offering is designed to appeal to new video conferencing customers.” said Mary J. Miller, director of product marketing at LifeSize. “We found there are still some customers who found videoconferencing was too expensive and too complex to get their toe in the water. So with Icon, we created something that would meet their needs, for them to embrace.”


The Icon family is low cost, with a model starting at $3000 and ranging to $9000.


“There are different software options,” said David Morrison, senior product manager at LifeSize. “The baseline is 720p. If you want 1080p, it’s a $2000 license, and there’s another software license to add capability for a second video room. A future software release this year will provide phone capability for the same touch experience on the phone.”


Miller said Icon is targeted to fit the small market up to the midmarket, and with a particular eye towards the education and health care markets.


“Subscription services also go after the very low cost market, but this is on- premise, and designed for those who prefer a simple on-premise solution,” she said.


Miller said what sets Icon apart is its seamlessness and intuitiveness.


“It’s designed so you can figure out what you need to do just by looking at the symbols,” she said.


“Traditionally, you joined a call by dialing an IP address,” said Ellen Hawes Durbin, Product Marketing Manager at LifeSize. “Now, integration with the UVC Manager sets up calls so you can join virtual meetings with a single click. You just click the name of the meeting, with no bridge number.”


“We have made the UVC manager, which facilitates the directory-based dialing, far more robust,” Morrison said. “You can have 100,000 names in the directory and can search it rapidly. It also easily lets you add connections to a favorite list.


“There is a dialer pad, so you can do it the old way, but we expect maybe 5% will use the dialer, mainly first calls to people outside the corporate directory.


LifeSize Icon Series is globally available now, starting at $2,999 U.S. MSRP.

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