EMC announces availability of VNXe3150 Unified Storage Solution

EMC announces availability of VNXe3150 Unified Storage Solution

EMC‘s VNXe3150 unified storage system, which was introduced back in May at EMC World 2012 with availability slated for the second half of this year, is now available worldwide.”The VNXe3150 turbocharges our VNXe line, and packs a lot more value into our entry level product line at a price point that still starts at under $10,000,” said Johnathan Siegal, Senior Director Product Marketing, EMC Unified Storage Division. “This is especially important because the under-$10,000 segment is still the fastest growing, according to IDC.”

While the whole of the VNXe line has always been directed at virtualized environment, Siegal said the 3150 has been ramped up for this function

“We purpose-built that whole line for virtualized environments, but the 3150 really strengthens that capacity, to provide users in virtual environments with more capacity and density,” he said. The 3150 has 50% more capacity per rack unit as well as a 50% boost in performance compared to the 3100 model.

VNXe3150 supports the move to a virtualized environment through integrations with Citrix XENServer, Microsoft Hyper V and VMware vSphere, providing support in any hypervisor environment. Additionally, VNXe3150 is the anchor unified storage platform of EMCs VSPEX Proven Infrastructure, which offers a wide range of choices for industry-leading virtualization, server, network, storage and data protection for EMC customers. The VNXe3150 also features ease of use with EMCs Unisphere storage management interface. It is designed to support virtualization of up to 50 servers.

“The VNXe3150 is aimed at the exact same market as the VNXe3100,” IT generalists, SMBs and branch and remote offices or enterprises,” Siegal said. “The VNXe 3100 will remain available for a period of time but by Q4 of this calendar year we expect most will want to buy the 3150.”

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