Avnet jumps into videoconferencing market through North American deal with Polycom

Avnet jumps into videoconferencing market through North American deal with Polycom

Avnet Technology Solutions has announced a new deal with Polycom that significantly expands Avnet’s presence in the unified communications space. Through the deal, which applies in both the U.S. and Canada, Avnet will provide its partners with a comprehensive selection of Polycom RealPresence video and voice solutions.”Avnet has had a significance presence in collaboration before, but the collaboration we have been doing hasn’t had a videoconferencing aspect before,” said Gavin Miller, vice president of marketing, solutions and sales acceleration, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “It was all software platforms that did instant messaging and applications.”

Miller said the times dictate a push into the videoconferencing market.

“Today, people are trying to do more with less, and there’s so much that can be gained by face to face meetings, so the question becomes how much can you retain without being there, and video conferencing can maximize that,” Miller said. “The market is changing and collaboration is becoming a greater part of more peoples’ lives, so we brought this in for the futures aspect as well — where we can take this in the future.”

Miller said the goal of this partnership will be to work with Polycom specifically to build up a presence in the space.

“Polycom wanted to go to market differently, to make use of the different type of go-to-market we can provide, and they reached out to us,” Miller said. – “It’s a new type of distribution channel for them. And from Avnet’s perspective, Polycom has strategic relationships with some of their key vendors, so partnering with them made sense from that perspective.

“We also have relationships outside of North America with them,” Miller added.

Under the deal, Avnet will drive Polycom’s business by accelerating the growth of Avnet partners’ UC businesses by enabling them to target high-growth vertical markets where these solutions are in demand, such as energy, finance, government, healthcare and retail. Partners can deliver these solutions in a variety of ways to align with their customers’ needs, including on-premise, hosted and cloud deployments.

Miller acknowledged that for many Avnet partners, this will be something that has been outside their core competencies to date.

“It’s going to be somewhat new for the majority of our partners, although some do have it in their portfolios,” he said. “But this is where the market is headed.”

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