CA Technologies adds mainframe solutions to Global Partner Program

As part of the continuing transformation of its go-to-market strategy, CA Technologies has announced that it is extending its CA Global Partner Program to include next-generation mainframe management solutions.”In April, we delivered on our commitments of 15 months ago on how CA goes to market, and this framework now exists in a way that we can add to it,” said David Bradley, senior vice president, Global Channel Sales, CA Technologies. “Partner business models are changing quite rapidly, and we are responding to that.”

Available now to partners in North America, the mainframe offerings are expected to be rolled out globally to partners by the fall. CA has changed its go-to-market model several times over the decades, and mainframe solutions had been available to partners in the past, but not for some years.

“It is definitely the first time in recent memory that we are putting a formal track in place for a select set of mainframe partners, and with the co-operation of our direct sales team,” Bradley said. “It’s an exciting opportunity for partners.”

Bradley stressed that this change represents a real culture shift and change of channel philosophy at CA.

“The mainframe business in CA has done some channel in the past, and some is booked by partners today, but it’s more legacy,” Bradley said. “What we had not had in the past was a comprehensive program aligned with a newly segmented sales force. This really represents a change in the culture of the company.”

CA Technologies partners will now be able to offer customers with System z or zEnterprise hybrid architectures solutions to enable the mainframe in private and hybrid clouds, extend management to support multi-vendor environments and empower improvements in cross-platform management.This includes CA Mainframe Chorus, a graphically rich, role-based approach to managing mainframe workloads.

Bradley said this initiative will target partners who serve the commercial accounts which run mainframes — companies with $300 million to $2 billion in sales, which CA calls the growth market

“We want a partner-led business model for that business market,” Bradley said.

Still, given the nature of the market, not that many partners will likely be involved, and those will typically be large systems integrators and focused IBM partners with deep mainframe experience like Glasshouse Systems. Bradley expects that the number of partners who will be directly involved will likely be in the high single or low double digits.

“For the broader set of partners the story here is very much the ongoing transformation of how CA goes to market,” Bradley said. “But for the narrower group who participate in the mainframe space, there is an opportunity here.”

Partners can view participation criteria and prerequisites to reselling CA Mainframe solutions on the MyCA Partner Portal, which contains targeted content including the latest sales tools, training and marketing support.

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