Westcon Group announces new Fujitsu, data center initiatives

 Westcon Group announces new Fujitsu, data center initiatives

Distributor Westcon Group has announced an expansion of its data center business practice. The core announcement is a net-new relationship with Fujitsu, which will apply to both the U.S. and Canada. Westcon also announced it is strengthening its data center business practice, and has hired an IBM veteran to lead this organization.”This is a North America-wide agreement with Fujitsu that gives us access to their server and storage lines,” said Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy, Senior Vice President of US and Canada, Westcon Group. “It reflects our continued commitment to the datacenter space, and builds on our relationships with Avaya, Brocade and Cisco.”

Westcon sees the Fujitsu portfolio as complementary to Westcon’s existing Cisco, Brocade and Avaya relationships, rather than competitive products which simply offer more choice.

“It includes their PRIMERGY server and ETERNUS storage lines, and the storage in particular will really help our partners build out their data center practices,” Smurthwaite-Murphy said. “We don’t think any one vendor can solve all the parts in these kinds of solutions, and as we evolve the next generation datacenter, even more pieces are required.”

Smurthwaite-Murphy said that Westcon’s particular skillset as a value-add distributor with long experience in network infrastructure is being accentuated by trends in the industry.

“With the megatrends now — video, BYOD and mobility — and also more demand on the CIO to give better data analytics — you have to virtualize or go cloud to achieve this, and to do that you have to look at your network,” she said. ” There’s an increasing role for distribution in data center integration, as a final assembly point.”

Fujitsu will fit into this process well with Westcon, Smurthwaite-Murphy said.

“We saw an immediate need in talking to partners to put Avaya Voicemail Pro on a Fujitsu server,” she said. “They also have a solution similar to VCE. They have great product and performance for price, and are a really good fit for our resellers.”

Smurthwaite-Murphy said that another reason Fujitsu may interest some Westcon partners is that they are interested in expanding their North American channel.

“Fujitsu has been here for a number of years, but they built out their consulting and retail businesses first,” she said. “Their enterprise channel team is only a couple years old. It’s an opportunity for the channel to work with a vendor looking for new partners.”

Westcon also announced new resources for its data center practice. IBM veteran Dan Papes has been appointed Senior Vice President of the company’s Emerging Technologies and Data Center Practice. Papes previously served as Global Vice President of Worldwide Cloud Services Sales for IBM. At Westcon, he will focus on further building the data center business practice, creating a sales and support infrastructure to broaden the partner portfolio, and accelerating the Fujitsu relationship.

“He will also have a solution team behind him,” Smurthwaite-Murphy said.

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