Avnet Technology Services beefs up asset disposal services with Canvas Systems acquisition

Distributor Avnet Technology Solutions has announced the acquisition of Canvas Systems, a Georgia-based supplier of IT hardware and services with operating units in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, from Platinum Equity.The Canvas acquisition is intended to significantly beef up Avnet’s IT lifecycle management capabilities, and strengthen the Data Center Lifecycle Services offering they announced last fall.

“This flows right into the IT infrastructure solutions aspect of our business,” said Jeff Bawol, president, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “When a customer has an opportunity to refresh their infrastructure around the datacenter, they have to do something with the equipment they currently have. This gives them a way to redeploy or dispose of that equipment.”

Canvas providing services that include remarketing remarketing repurposing, disposal and environmentally compliant destruction of data center equipment.

“It’s a way of helping the end user deal with products displaced out of the data center,” Bawol said. “They go in, take the equipment out, remarket it if they can, and see it goes through environmentally sound destruction if they can’t get rid of it. The information on the equipment is also destroyed.”

Bawol said that this asset disposal greatly strengthens their asset disposal services, which was basically a missing link in the original Lifecycle Services offering.

“This was being done, but with handshake agreements,” he said. “There wasn’t a clean way for partners to pull it together.”

The cost of the service depends on the value of the equipment.

“With some products it’s taken in and done on a consignment basis, but if the equipment has no value, there is just a fee to take it out,” Bawol said.

Bawol said that the deal strengthens Avnet Technology Solutions by being able to deliver a seamless lifecycle.

“That’s the beauty of it, that it’s part of the solution we offer, and not a third party,” he said. “It’s also a good way for the supplier to protect their brand loyalty in the secondary market.”

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