RainStor announces first enterprise database that runs natively on Hadoop

 RainStor announces first enterprise database that runs natively on Hadoop

RainStor, a provider of Big Data management software, has announced RainStor Big Data Analytics on Hadoop, the first enterprise database that runs natively on Hadoop, This native capability will enable faster, more flexible analytics on multi-structured data, at a lower operating cost, because it eliminates the need to move data out of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) environment.”RainStor is all about managing enterprise Big Data at the lowest possible cost of ownership, and with this, the first enterprise database that runs natively on Hadoop, sitting on the Hadoop cluster, it significantly lowers the cost of managing a Hadoop cluster,” said Deirdre Mahon, RainStor’s VP of Marketing.

The new product combines the benefits of native capacity with Rainstor’s traditional strength in compression — up to 40x — along with 10-100x faster analytics by providing both SQL access and MapReduce. The compressed multi-structured data set running on HDFS delivers maximum efficiency, which Mahon said reduces the cluster size by between 50 and 80%, which significantly lowers operating cost, by as much as 90%

.”While deployments before used network attached storage, we can now run in a very component- sized environment,” said John Bantleman, CEO of RainStor. “It lets you build a big data solution on stack and rack components.”

Rainstor’s ability to not only massively compress the data but analyze it while compressed makes this possible, Bantleman added.

“It gives you a way of storing everything without repeating anything,” he said.

Mahon expects that while this will be a welcome solution in large enterprises generally, it will be especially valuable to large telcos and retail ecommerce.

Rainstor’s solution is really designed to simplify the building out of Hadoop, so one might think the very recent announcement by Oracle of a Hadoop appliance might be seen as a threat to their business. Not so, said Bantleman.

“We see Hadoop as a platform like Linux, which needs solutions on top to deliver value,” he said. “Even with an appliance we still make it faster and more efficient.”

Bantleman did see the Oracle appliance as incredibly important in another way, however.

“This is a paradigm shift for the industry. Oracle is moving around from what they have said for 30 years, that everything goes in an Oracle database. They are responding to what is happening in the market today.”

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