Ingram Micro works on building brand at GovEd annual partner event

 Ingram Micro works on building brand at GovEd annual partner event

Distributor Ingram Micro, which held its 2011 GovEd Alliance Invitational last week in Chicago for its channel partners focused on the public sector, is placing more emphasis on building its brands, to make benefits better known, and get more involvement from the broad base of its members.”The themes haven’t changed much, it’s always the general alliance themes, but there is now a much greater need and desire for partnership and collaboration,” said Joe McCrone, vice president of Ingram Micro’s public sector sales, who was the co-host of the event.

Focused on partner enablement, sales excellence and business growth, the Ingram Micro GovEd Alliance aims to make it easier for channel partners to identify and seize business opportunities, increase profitability and compete more effectively in the federal, state, local and K-12 market segments.

“This market is very complex, with a lot of rules and regulations, and our best response to that is to pull together as a community,” said says Huy Nguyen, director, channel programs, Ingram Micro North America, and the event’s other co-host.

Nguyen said that while the last couple years the message has been on the community, this year, they have really focused on branding and evangelizing their successes.

“This includes developing a new web site, which is easier to access now, and more visible,” he said. It was behind the firewall before, where only GovEd members could access it, and even then it was cumbersome.”

Nguyen said that while not everything is outside the firewall, a lot of the benefits are, and that helps both recruit new members and get existing members to more fully use their memberships.

“Not everything is outside, but a lot of benefits are outside,” he said. “Being outside really reinforces the benefits of membership. We have about 1500 GovEd members but not all have used resources available to them, only a portion, and we want to change that, give them a stronger brand.”

To this end, the Ingram Micro GovEd Alliance also used the event to spotlight a number of new and high value resources available to the membership including Unique Identification (UID) Tagging, expanded field sales support and an integrated opportunity management tool from Bidspeed that helps channel partners identify and track government leads and simplifies the quoting process.

“We are also looking for more people to join the subcouncils we are developing,” McCrone said. “We are diving down deeper into various segments and looking for more members to join us.”

Ingram Micro also named channel partner Jim Connal of Red River Computer Company president of the GovEd Alliance Advisory Council.

Connal, vice president of contracts and compliance at Claremont NH-based Red River, will work in tandem with Ingram Micro and other members of the GovEd Alliance Council to ensure the community continues to thrive and lead the marketplace.

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